Some History: Dubai to Hollywood

Today, we are a team of talented people from Mexico City, Los Angeles, Boston, Dubai, Istanbul, Bahrain, Cairo, Monterey, Minneapolis, London and many other parts of the world.

Founded by the husband and wife team of Gonan and Johan Premfors. After careers in the financial investment and banking, they pivoted towards business and entrepreneurship in 2003. They have a history of successful ventures in technology, telecommunications, coaching, training, branding and design.

Creating Experiences & TED Talks

We create experiences, so that when people go through them, they can see the world (or a problem) in a different light. This new perspective can have a profound positive impact on a person’s decision-making process and ultimately lead to big changes.

We believe that every family and company has its own unique culture and that we have no right to tell anyone what’s best for them. Instead, our approach is about finding the internal strength and wisdom in everyone/everything and ultimately create greater self-reliance and self-trust.

Parentology Live Online

We are and access point for people who want to design their lives. We stimulate recharges and reboots in people's lives.

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