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Welcome to the Life by Choice Pod

We mainly pay attention to what is in our conscious mind, but what drives us, and our actions are the subconscious/unconscious mind. Several studies have concluded, in general terms, that our conscious mind represents about 5% of brain activity (and 5% is covering the highly aware as most people actually operate at around 1%) The remaining 95-99% is pre-programmed and deeply embedded in our subconscious. This explains why we get stuck and keep on repeating the same mistakes again and again.

The premise of Life by Choice is to look at your life through your mind. It will touch the most important aspects of your life and bring insight that will lead to more peace and better relationships with others and also yourself.

My hope is, during our time together, we will create healing and ultimately new subconscious/unconscious structures. We will choose, with our conscious mind, how we want to live and how to operate.

I have been working with my subconscious and unconscious minds for over fifteen years. There are many methods and ways, and my hope is that this journey will be a powerful and meaningful one. Enjoy the ride...


Step 1
Two 90-minute video conference call every month for one year. As a Live Online participant you are already familiar with the technology.
Step 2
The Life by Choice groups operate with complete confidentiality and trust.
Step 3
Impact is achieved by both sharing personal situations and also by observing others.

In Life by Choice Gonan brings together her life’s learning to help create big personal shifts for every participant.

Gonan Premfors