Cutting edge thinking for the world

Our original content includes Parentology, a revolutionary approach to parenting, Trust which is about building a fearless world for yourself and Open Heart that helps you live with unlimited possibilities. We have also collaborated closely with the late Mariah Fenton Gladis on her Arrive Already Loved program.

Live Online

The Best of Us in a Live Online Format

With Parentology Live Online, a 12-week program, we take the power of true parenting insight and deliver it straight to your home. Between every session we allow you the space to explore and integrate new skills, insights and knowledge with family, friends and co-workers.


2 and 3 day Experiential Learning Workshops

Built on the pillars of authentic parenting, trust and relentless pursuit of cultivating an open heart, our workshops guide participants through an immersive learning experience that lead to positive last change. A full Parentology workshop is as demanding as it is liberating.